Tracks to Run On

Your chords of mystical memory

Gave me some tracks to run on.

Not being a sophisticated phoney,

But my mind runs down

Ribbons of polyphony


Make these songs real

The New is in the Old concealed.

So send up your prayer appeal,

Let the LORD's love Psalm be revealed.


Before Abraham was,

You know He said, "I AM."

Was railroaded through the jury,

But didn't jump from the tram.


Your whip of chords

Gave us a song to play to.

You took the beating, LORD,

That we should have gone through.


Even one rebellion

Deserved destruction,

Separation from

the One

who composed

this fugue, theme, and variations.


The mystery unfolds

Story still untold.

The Cross has been born

The war already won

Battle lines have been drawn,

Whose side will you be on?


One will take you up.

One will take you down.

Faith won't let you corrupt,

When you're dragged up the Mound.


So ask "Father, forgive them.

They know not what they do."

Blood of mercy poured out

  from a Heart on the world

The source of all that's true.


"I desire Mercy

Not sacrifice."

He ain't a million monkeys.

This isn't chance advice


Even when He made you

Wasn't one bit haphazard.

He wasn't rolling dice,

Wasn't shiffling cards,

He knew of all your fractures.


He loves to take the weak,

Just to humble the strong.

Might be tongue-in-cheek,

Or Glory in irony,

Give you a run for your money

In awe of His song.


Your chords of mystical memory,

Gave me some tracks to run on.

It's not a phoney irony,

Running on ribbons of polyphony.


So make these songs real,

News in the Old concealed.

Send up your prayer appeal,

The LORD's muse be revealed.